Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Claire's Chicken Broth Challenge!

Yes, just one more thing about this Chicken Broth.  Fitzy and Tricia were giving me a hard time when I posted my Chicken Stock recipe a while back.  They saw me at carpool time that day and were teasing me, "oh, of course you don't buy your chicken broth, how could we even think it!  No, you make your own! "  These are two of the funniest ladies ever (they make me laugh like nobody else) but I realize this quote may not seem funny to you.  Believe me, they made it very funny.  At my expense, of course.

Well, funny ladies.  And everyone else.  I challenge you to make this chicken broth.  It is so incredibly easy and it makes quite a lot (10 cups plus).  Not to mention the wonderful poached chicken that you also get from the recipe.  Store the broth in 1-cup or 2-cup portions in freezer proof ziploc-type bags in your freezer.  You will feel so wonderful when you pull one of those bags out of the freezer --use them to cook rice, make a little chicken noodle soup (just heat up the broth and add your favorite noodles), add some to your next pot roast, etc.  Now, go do it and let me know about it!! xoxo