Thursday, October 26, 2017

Birthday Cake: How to Send via Mail!

Birthday Cake at my house right before I packaged it up to mail.  Of course it is my signature Heirloom Cake!

Birthday Cake set out on the birthday girl's trunk in her college dorm room

Hey, Maura A.!  I finally figured it out!  Here's how to send a homemade birthday cake via mail and have it arrive in perfect condition:

Be sure to include the needed birthday party supplies:
  1. serrated knife for cutting cake (I found a plastic disposable)
  2. paper plates & napkins
  3. birthday candles
  4. box of matches
  5. box for all these supplies (I used an art supply box)
Packaging up the cake so that it doesn't have space to move around:
  1. lay piece of wax paper over top of cake to protect writing 
  2. place several cardboard cake plates over top of wax paper
  3. cover everything with plastic dome 
  4. place covered cake into cake box to fit the size of the dome (a snug fit - no movement in box)
  5. Take to local UPS store and mail - they will use bubble wrap to protect and keep box from moving around in package.

According to the birthday girl....she and her friends enjoyed it and were impressed that it arrived in perfect condition.