Thursday, December 02, 2021

How to Prep and Store Leafy Greens & Herbs

It is a wonderful feeling to open your refrigerator and have items prepped and ready to use.  I use leafy greens several times a day.  I throw a huge handful into my morning omelet, use a ton for my salad at lunchtime, and add them to soups and stews at dinner.  Here I’m showing Swiss Chard but this technique can be used for all lettuces & leafy greens, and herbs too!  This helps you to eat more of them and you will feel better for it!
And .....those little square towels in the basket are my compostable "paper towels". We haven't purchase paper towels for a good two years now.  These work just as well.  Just throw them in the washer and reuse - each has a life of 365 days.  After that throw into your compost pile ...NO WASTE. ; ) 

Prepping Leafy Greens for Refrigeration/Storage

1. Fill large bowl with water

2. Strip leaves from head of lettuce, chard, kale, etc. (if doing herbs leave stems on!)

3. Drop leaves into large bowl of water and lightly submerge.  This will allow dirt to fall to bottom of bowl.

4. Lift leaves from bowl and put into basket of salad spinner.

5.  Spins Leaves until most of water has been removed (several spins).

6.  Store leaves in large mason jars -greens can be pushed into jars until full. (or put into other glass storage containers)

7.  Store in refrigerator until needed- keeps for a good 5-7 days!