Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Favorite Lunch

Remember the Tomato Sauce recipe I posted a few days ago?  Doesn't this look like the perfect lunch?  Well, that's because it is!  A big hunk of real Italian bread (from Vace in Bethesda or Marchone's in Wheaton) with butter and the last bit of sauce from the night before.  Perfect for a cold day! 

Just plain "perfect" in my book!


  1. beth harley1/28/2010

    yum. that bread is gorgeous! taught my class to make sourdough bread today. and i can't eat it b/c of gluten intolerance! torture.

  2. Beth- so nice of you to take time to comment -I am loving it!
    Does the gluten intolerance mean you can't eat anything made with wheat flour? That surely would kill me!