Sunday, February 14, 2010

Chocolate Box "Shout Outs"

Claire's Chocolate Box
A few of you have been very honest ..telling me that you covet my chocolate box.  I don't blame you!!  It is pretty special, if I do say so myself.  Like I said before, I open it whenever I need a little inspiration.  Speaking of inspiration....I thought a few "shout-outs" would be appropriate for this Valentine's Day post.  I started this blog without really thinking much about it but now that I am 30 days in I can't stop thinking about it!!  I so appreciate all the feedback from my wonderful family and friends.  Some of you have become "official" followers but many of you are just as loyal as my "silent" followers.  Here's to all of you!  You inspire me to keep cooking, baking, and blogging!  I will probably forget a few here but still I need to include a few special "shout outs"...


-all the teachers, parents, and students (!) at our school for their support and encouragement

-Claudia who views my blog each and every day from her home in Italy

-Faith, Beth H., Kersten, Bridget, Naomi, Sally, Mary Eileen, Tricia, Meg, Donna, Laveta, and Maura--these gals have really been cooking!

-Garry and Dan--thanks for the support, guys!

-Ann and Gerry--you two are the best!

-three wonderful sisters and five great brothers --you know who you are!

-Sarah, Hong, Suzanne, and Mary--for being the best friends a girl could have

-my husband and kids --my daily inspiration

-my mom--where all my inspiration begins

p.s.  To my dad: who I love and miss very much.