Monday, March 14, 2011

Crudités 101

Do you have a weekly stash of crudités waiting in the refrigerator?  Crudités are cut-up raw vegetables and nothing could be easier to prepare.  When I was growing up my mom always had a variety of crudités available for after-school snacks and for appetizers at dinner.  I use them in school lunches and as an appetizer or vegetable option at dinner.  We are very fond of carrots and cucumbers at my house --these are always in my refrigerator.  We mix it up with celery, grape tomatoes, yellow & orange peppers, and sugar-snap peas (cooked for only 1 minute in boiling water!).  I like to cut up carrots and celery sticks at the beginning of the week so that we can just grab them when we need them.  Carrots and celery can be stored in cold water and will stay nice and crisp for 5 days.  I cut the other types of vegetables right before serving or maybe as early as an hour or two before serving. 

Storing Cut Carrots and Celery

Any amount of carrots
Any amount of celery
Glass or plastic container with lid

Peel and trim (cut tops and ends) carrots.  Slice carrots in half lengthwise.  Put cut carrots, flat sides down, on cutting board and slice lengthwise again.  Wash celery and trim (cut tops and ends).  Slice in half lengthwise and then slice each half lengthwise. (You can cut them to any size you want!)
Put carrots and celery sticks into separate containers and fill with water.  Store in refrigerator for up to a a week.