Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Mt. Vikos Barrel-Aged Feta: Ellie's Choice

 This is my favorite brand of feta cheese.  It is the best!  Don't take my word for it --one of my daughter's best friends also thinks it is pretty special.  Ellie is Greek, you see, and I can assure you that she knows a thing or two about feta cheese.  She was over for dinner recently and I served this wonderful cheese with My Dad's Salad.  She asked, "What brand of feta is this?"  I said, "Oh, do you like it? It is Mt. Vikos and it is barrel-aged."  Ellie's response, "It is so good!  Where do you get it?"  Me, "Whole Foods."

According to the Mt. Vikos website, "Our Barrel-Aged Feta Cheese comes from high in the mountains of Thessaly and Macedonia, sheep and goats feed on local grasses, wild herbs, and flowers. The resulting fresh milk makes Mt. Vikos cheeses exceptional. Mt. Viko's Barrel-Aged Feta is made from fresh milk of free-ranging sheep and goats. This feta cheese is made during months when grasses are green for a sweet flavor. Authentic Barrel-Aged Feta from Greece is very rare in the USA. Mt. Vikos Barrel-Aged Feta is made in a traditional manner by a small family dairy in central Greece. The feta is molded into large round forms, which is then stacked into 120 lb. barrels. The cheese ages in these wood barrels for four months, allowing the cheese to become complex and rich in flavor. The texture of the cheese is compact, slightly crumbly and creamy. The flavor is creamy, slightly tangy, and it tastes like sweet milk. "

No wonder it is so delicious!  Also ... Mt. Vikos Feta contains no preservatives, additives, or calcium chloride.   I hope you try it!