Saturday, August 20, 2011

Dionysios Learns to Cook!

Remember my daughter's good friend, Ellie?  This is Ellie's older brother, Dionysios. He goes by Denny or Dio.  He is starting his sophomore year at college and wanted to take some cooking lessons.  He will have a stove in his new campus apartment so he is ready to ditch the campus cafeteria food.  When I asked him what his goals were for learning to cook he said he wanted "to eat healthier food".  Oh, how this impressed me!  "Of course, I will give you some lessons", I said.  He then added, "I would also like to impress the ladies".  That's ok by me, too. :)
We had a great afternoon with Denny and his friend Pietro (visiting from Italy).  I was a little bit embarressed to make Caprese Salad with Pietro but he was so helpful and sweet.  A true Italian gentleman.  He brought a beautiful piece of Parmigiano Reggiano direct from Parma, Italy.  Delicious!!!