Thursday, February 07, 2019

Snowball Dance Dinner Party: Table Setting & Preparations

some of the table decor options ready to go...

I had Fitzy over for lunch yesterday.  When I showed her a picture of the Snowball Dance tent set-up she said:  "You should put that on your blog!"  Since I always follow her advice it is. :)

We hosted a pre-dance dinner party for 26 teenagers.  Just like with our big Thanksgiving crowd, we can't fit that many quests at one table inside.  The answer is a big tent.  Shout out to Sammy's Rental who we always use for tent, table, chair and linens rental.  We had snow on the ground the week before the party so in addition to the heater we added a wood floor.  The tent is so nice and cozy with the heater and wood floor.  The kids also can enjoy dinner without any parents hovering. ;)  I set the buffet up on the kitchen counter so the kids pick their seat in the tent then grab their plate and head to the buffet line.  The best part is that everyone can sit together at one table - yahoo!

My husband and son hung the strings of lights - we used lots of Christmas lights.  My daughter helped me set the table with the decor and place settings.  I mix and match with the china and silverware - no need to have it all matching.  Same goes for glassware (which is missing in these pictures!) - mix and match is fine.  Less is NOT more when choosing amount of table decorations.  I favor lots of votives, lanterns, little bowls filled with crackers or almonds, small glasses filled with crudités, glass water bottles (sparkling & spring) and lots and lots of little pots/vases filled with plants and flowers.  Nothing too tall that will obstruct the view of the person across the table!

Below is the transformation of the table decor.  We didn't add the edibles to the table this time but it would have been even better if we had ... MORE is best!

That should say: "black & red raspberries and blueberries & strawberries".
When it looks pretty it tastes better!