Thursday, May 09, 2019

How to Clean, Trim, & Store Berries

I purchase berries at the grocery store or farmers' market every week.  Organic only because the skin of these berries is so delicate it can easily soak up pesticides.  Once I get my berries home it is time to prepare them for everyone to enjoy.  I clean, dry, trim and then store them in fridge.  It takes no time at all and you and your family will eat every last berry!  I like to make several smaller jars of mixed berries ready for after-school snacks or breakfast on-the-go.  The bigger jars are ready to pour onto cereal, add to acai bowls (my daughter), or poured into little bowls to add as a side at mealtime.  Just having them ready to go makes it more likely that everyone will eat them up and enjoy them!

How to Clean, Trim, & Store Berries

Step 1:  Clean
The proper way to clean berries is to pour them into a bowl of clean, cold water and then gently lift them out (all the dirt falls to the bottom of the bowl).  More often I end up taking a shortcut by placing my berries (not too many) into a small colander and running cold water over.

Step 2:  Dry
I lay clean cloth napkins or dish towels onto my kitchen counter.  Spread berries out onto dish towels.  Using a clean napkin or paper towel pick up each strawberry and gently pat dry.  Do the same with small handfuls of blueberries (or raspberries or blackberries).

Step 3:  Trim
First - see my Strawberries 101 how-to-trim

Step 4: Store in Fridge
I use various sizes of mason jars with plastic or metal lids.  Make sure to put larger berries on the bottom and smaller on the top.