Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Onigiri (Traditional Japanese Rice Balls)

I made these wonderful Japanese treats with the 4th graders at our school today!  So much fun!!!  We used to have this great Japanese Grocery near our house and my kids loved trying the various onigiri choices - lots of interesting fillings.  I had never made them myself until today.  (Actually I did a test-run with my kids last night.)  It was really easy and just takes a little bit of practice.  You need not fill them --it is easier not to.  I think the kids did extremely well ...check out their creations!! 

When our wonderful 4th grade teacher asked me if I would like to do this project with the kids I knew exactly where to do my research - - one of my favorite sites!  Just Bento ---the Just Hungry companion site gives step by step instructions!
Next time I will make these with brown rice.  These may become a staple in our lunch boxes!!