Sunday, July 15, 2012

Studio Neptune "Pastry" Creations: Our Tribute to Elyse

Studio Neptune is one of those special places.  You know, the kind of place that is a neighborhood treasure.  The very talented founder/artist, Elyse Harrison, is also one those very special people, someone we feel blessed to know. She helps children and adults appreciate and create art in every shape and form.  How can you not adore someone like that?  Well, we are very grateful to her for making our community a better place and teaching our children all about art.  My kids have been taking art classes with her for 7 years and they seem to love it more and more each year.  In the summer she partners with a different neighborhood merchant each week.  She takes the kids over to the merchant's shop to visit and learn about what they do or make.  These visits then inspire her students for their week of creating art.  My kids were inspired by Tout de SweetTout de Sweet is a traditional french pastry shop with beautiful and delicious pastry creations.  If you live close by you must stop in to both Studio Neptune and Tout de Sweet --you'll be glad you did! 
This summer at Studio Neptune my kids created some beautiful pastry sculptures during their week of Tout de Sweet inspiration.  My oldest wanted to recreate her art design using real cake and frosting.  In the pictures above you see her art "pastry" on the right and real pastry on the left.  We used Heirloom Cake, Cocoa Fudge Cake, Portsmouth Frosting, natural green sugar sprinkles made with sugar and spinach, and we also made raspberry & blackberry syrup to dye the frosting pink and purple!  She did a pretty good job, don't you think? 


  1. Thank you Megan and Claire! The "edible" version is awesome! So cool!

  2. You are the best, Elyse! Thank you for everything that you do to inspire our community!

  3. Claudia Metcalf7/25/2012

    LOVE IT!! I despise food inventive to use fruit..and the spinach do you do that? Wish we lived a tad bit closer for Elyse's classes, although Annapolis is doable to some degree..when my kids are older!

  4. Claudia -I didn't realize you were back in the US! Welcome back!
    Thanks so much for taking time to comment. I don't use food coloring at all. When I decorate my cakes I use chocolate. I think the natural look is much prettier, too. I actually purchased the sugar but the only ingredients were sugar and spinach. It would be easy to do yourself...let me make sure I have proper technique and I will post in the near future. Hope to see you soon!

  5. It looks so delectable. I just want to grab and eat it. It looks really good. Well done.

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